High school students become ‘TikTok famous’

Amanda Gallaway , Journalist

TikTok is becoming one of the most used and highly influential apps on the market. Teenagers everywhere are becoming obsessed with being labeled “TikTok famous.”

Adults and teachers are also hopping on this trend, going so far as to make videos with their students. Evan Girard and Stephen Juracka are two of Northwest’s most popular creators on the app.

Evan Girard
Stephen Juracka

Within the app, age is a big factor in the kind of content you produce.

“I would say content creators range in the older teens, possibly into their early twenties.” said Juracka.

The creators that upload onto this app heavily rely on fan interaction. Likes, comments, duets, and features are a big deal for the type of content they create, and what viewers will see when they open the app.

The first thing people see is the “for you” page. This is a personally designed algorithm of videos that users see based on what kind of videos they have interacted with recently. So when they like or save a video, TikTok will know they want to see more content like that.

“I usually use the trending sounds to try and get on the ‘for you’ page,” said Girard.

Getting on the “for you” page is all about what kind of content users produce. If they are using sounds that people might not know, there is a lesser chance and opportunity for their videos to blow up.

The big question no one really wants to talk about is if TikTok is safe.

“The audience ranges from eight to early teens” said Girard.

With the audience being young, it is hard to control who is viewing age restricted material.

If children are properly monitored while using the app, it may be easier to keep them safe until they are old enough to understand how to hold themselves completely accountable for their safety.

TikTok is definitely a popular new app that a lot of people turn to for entertainment.