Pre-Season Sports Camp Proves To Be Beneficial


Adam Grybauskas

Northwest High School Varsity Football Team poses for a photo on their last day at GVSU

Anthony Cole, Sports Editor

  There are many fall sports teams that host a pre-season camp and others who do not. These camps are opportunities for the team members, along with coaches, to bond with each other. It also allows the team to get a few extra practices in before the actual season begins. 

   “The unity that comes out of team camp is hard to quantify and create in a typical setting,” said Varsity Football Coach John Rea.

   A team camp is normally designated at a certain college; for example, a team may stay at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) or Central Michigan University (CMU). The players will typically stay in dorms and be fed on campus. These camps usually last anywhere between three to seven days. The Varsity football team typically goes to Grand Valley State University.

   “The facilities are top notch,” said Rea. “It is far enough away that we can have better bonding for players.”

   The more important aspect of these trips is forming team chemistry. Sports are very competitive and team camps remind players to have fun while playing. It is not all fun and games. Coaches will often put their players through numerous practices per day. 

   Struggling for an extended period of time is what can bring a team together as one. Team camps typically take place when the weather is nice and warm, which adds on to the already large workload. 

This idea of physical exhaustion can be looked upon as a potential downside.

   “The potential downsides are as simple as athletes making choices that may not be helpful to the career while away from their parents,” said Rea.

   All in all, the goal of hosting a team camp is to gain a competitive edge over other teams. As previously mentioned they create everlasting bonds all while allowing the team to get extra practices in. Every team should try and participate in a team camp as the benefits are endless.