Jocee Synder’s Experience Dancing at Bright Walls

Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Bright Walls is a mural and art festival located in downtown Jackson. Artists from all over the world come to paint murals. Alongside displaying the artist’s talents, many other talents are shown, such as dancers and musicians.

Sophomore Jocee Snyder danced at Bright Walls earlier this year. This was her first year performing there and she enjoyed having this opportunity.

“Dancing there was really fun, I’d definitely do it again if I could,” said Snyder.

Snyder danced with a team composed of 20 people, both boys and girls. The team Syder danced with at Bright Walls is the same team she dances with at her usual studio.

Synder and her team heard about the opportunity to dance at Bright Walls from her studio manager and the owner of the studio.

This year, Snyder and her team decided on a contemporary jazz piece for their dance. This type of dance is very elegant and uses emotional body expressions to dance. Snyder’s team wore all black clothing during their performance at Bright Walls.

Although the team danced only one time, they practiced almost every day, including weekends, for their performance. The dances were simple, but they wanted to make sure they perfected them.

A big crowd came to watch Snyder and the others dance, but that is one of the things Snyder enjoyed about dancing at Bright Walls.

“I think it makes it really fun when people watch,” said Snyder.

Dancing at Bright Walls made Snyder feel very accomplished.

“It was really incredible to dance there with such supportive people and to know that I did that,” said Snyder.

Although this was Snyder’s first year dancing at Bright Walls, she hopes that she will be able to dance there again if Bright Walls decides to return next year.