Keara Hayes earns lead role in the fall play


Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Keara Hayes is playing the lead role, Cindi Andrews, in the fall play, Becoming Juliet. The play is about a high school whose drama club has been cancelled. Hayes’ role, Cindi Andrews, is the drama club director and she decides to do a Romeo and Juliet play. All of the students from the high school come together to reform this play, and try to bring back their drama club.

Being cast the lead role was a big achievement for Hayes. She has not had the lead role since her freshman year. As this is her last chance to be in a high school play, it is a really special opportunity for her.

Hayes really likes playing the role of Cindi Andrews because she enjoys what kind of person the character is. Although her character is much different from Hayes, she likes playing her because Cindi Andrews is a kind and caring person.

“It is really special to be in this position once again,” said Hayes.

Playing the lead role does have many responsibilities as well. Hayes has 140 lines that she must memorize. She does get stressed a lot with the responsibilities of having to know where she is supposed to be on set, when to say her lines, and which character she is supposed to talk to. Despite all this stress and pressure, Hayes really enjoys playing the lead role.

Hayes has been in multiple plays, and she has gotten used to the feeling of performing on stage. She used to get much more scared when she was younger, compared to now, due to the amount of practice she has had.

“I used to be much more aware of them, but now it is like they aren’t even there,” said Hayes.

When Hayes performs, she feels like she is doing a job. She tries to be as perfect as possible, and put in as much practice as she can.

“It feels like my responsibility is to do a good job, so that’s what I’m going to do,” said Hayes.

In Hayes’ first play she acted alongside Elijah Pierce and Kayleigh Shultz. She thought they were really amazing people and wanted to be just like them. Her determination be like those Alumni pushes her to continue acting in plays and musicals.

Since this is Hayes’ final play, she hopes to make it her best yet.