Find Your Future Fair returns with over 45 presenters

Jacob Swartz, Journalist

   On Tuesday Nov. 26, Northwest High School is having their annual Find Your Future Fair. It is meant to expose students to careers, but all students will go to the fair and learn about potential future jobs. 

This year, there are over 45 presenters from multiples careers.

   “Most students only know traditional jobs such as dentist, nurse, electrician and so on,” says Mrs.Tanner, event organizer. “But they will learn there are many more careers to choose from.” 

   The fair day will start with students visiting their seminar teacher for attendance and schedules, and after, they will hear from a keynote speaker and receive academic awards.  Once they have completed those tasks, they will go to their first career option and meet with someone who works in the field. In all, they will go through four career presentations. In between, students will have lunch and Focus Time. They will end the day by taking a personality quiz. The quiz is designed to guide and recommend future careers for different personality types.

   The goal for this event is for students to find interest in careers and possibly get the opportunity to try a job shadow. If students already have an idea of what they would like to pursue, then this event is still beneficial to them. They can explore specific benefits of having the job. Getting more knowledge about the job ahead of time gives teenagers time to decide whether or not they want to continue in that field.  

   The presentations will be scattered around the school in classrooms with people who specialize in those careers. There will be professionals from each career category: arts and communication, business, marketing, management, and technology, engineering/manufacturing and industrial technology, health sciences, human services, and natural resources. If students find interest in any of these options, they should attend the Find Your Future Fair. 

   If anyone has questions about the Find Your Future Fair, they should contact Mrs.Tanner. 

Some of the careers attending the Find Your Future Fair will be:

  • Auditions and Music Majors
  • ESport Athlete/Social Media Influincer
  • Meteorologist/Broadcasting
  • Database Administrator
  • Internal Auditioning
  • Cloud Architect/CyberSecurity/Ethical Hacker
  • Chief Operating Officer of CP Federal credit union
  • Advertising
  • Television:Sales, Digital
  • Chief Operating Officer of American One Credit Union
  • Information Technology
  • Realtor
  • Home Decor Industry
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Prototype Technician
  • Electrical System Control Specialist
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Dentist
  • Medical Imaging and 3D Printing
  • Registered Nurse/Volunteer Firefighter
  • Nonprofit CEO
  • Chef
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Mental health Counselor
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Disability Connection Nonprofit
  • Research Scientist