Popular Local Restaurant Comes to Unexpected Close


Shealyn Paulis , Co-Editor in Chief

   On Monday, January 6 of 2020, Klavons Pizzaria & Pub’s Rives Junction location, the first of the three, shut down for maintenance. Later that evening, the company announced its plans to its employees to keep its doors closed permanently.

   The business had been a part of the Northwest Community for over a decade, and was popular among the community as it was only a few miles away. The business had employed a number of students at the time and in the past.

   The sudden closing of the restaurant came as a shock to community members and staff alike, as it was not announced or revealed until the day of.

   “They told us we’d close two days for new floors, but I received a call on Monday telling me I was laid off,” said Kendra Reasoner, junior at Northwest and former employee at the restaurant.

   On Tuesday, January 7, Klavon’s owner, Justin Klavon, announced through Facebook that the closing was credited to a lease disagreement by stating the following:

   “The terms of the building lease has expired and the costs to continue business here outweigh opportunities for future growth.”

   As of now, there have been no plans to rebuild or reopen the store announced by the company, but the other locations will remain open with regular hours.