13 Reasons Why season 3 review

13 Reasons Why season 3 review

Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief


   The show 13 Reasons Why is on Netflix and many teenagers are watching it. The show talks about what teenagers go through that are not talked about as much as they should be. Drugs, abusive relationships, sexual harassment, and suicide are all a big part of the themes. 

   One of the biggest things that happened on the show is the main character, Hannah Baker, among other characters were raped by a character named Bryce Walker. Throughout the first two seasons of the show, character Walker was one of the most hated characters because of his actions.

    In the most recent season, the third one, many had a change of feelings for Walker’s characters.  

   “At first I didn’t like him, but then he started to grow on me in the third season,” said Nina Arquette.

   In season three Walker, from 13 Reasons Why, seemed to have wanted to change and try to make up for all his harmful actions he had done. He ended up being murdered and that upset a lot of people for numerous reasons. 

   “During the beginning of the season I wasn’t upset about his death, but then when I understood more about what he was going through I was upset,” said Micaih Williams.

   People started to believe the character, Walker, when he apologized to characters in the show. They started to feel bad for him despite his actions. After they found out more about Bryce Walker’s life they had sympathy for him. 

   “I feel like in the first two seasons Bryce didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, but then he realized what he did wrong in the third one. By that time he had already lost everyone and that made me sad,” said Williams.

   In the 13 Reasons Why a few characters were saying Walker did deserve to die and were glad that he did. That also upset people because they think he deserved that chance to redeem himself and thought if he did not die then he could have become a better person. 

   Overall Walker’s characters death upset a lot of people who watch 13 Reasons Why. Even though they did not like that his character died, most will continue to watch the show.