A students view of Northwest’s bullying policy

Des Cutter, Opinion Editor

Bullying can happen anywhere. Online, in every country, in every state, in every town. It is too common. However, in our school, it is handled better than most other schools.

According to pacer.org, more than one out of every five students in the U.S. has reported being bullied at some point in their lives.

“Bullying is a very one sided behavior.” said Mrs. Anspaugh.

When two students continuously cause problems together, Northwest High School makes sure both students feel safe and able to function here at school. If necessary, a schedule adjustment will be made to one or both students.

When a student bullies another student, for the first time, they get a first offense warning. If the student continues the behavior, he or she will get a second/third offense warning, which could ultimately lead to expulsion and getting the police involved.

“It’s always a possibility for a student to get expelled for bullying, but it would go before the board to be reviewed by the superintendent,” said Mrs. Anspaugh, “Then they would determine if the student would remain at Northwest High School or an alternative placement might be considered.”

If two students are in a fight, the person who retaliates also gets in trouble.

Administrators do not want students to use self-defense in a fight. If the defender does, they usually also get suspended. If the defender does not get in trouble, they might get a day to “cool off” that would not go on their permanent record as a suspension.

Northwest High School overall does well when handling bullying situations. They make sure the students are safe, happy, and able to do their work. The punishments are not too harsh or lenient.