Love for Hallmark


Henly Sleight, Multi-Media Editor

   The holidays are a time where many annual traditions come to show, including the TV network, Hallmark’s “countdown to Christmas.” 

   The 2019 countdown to Christmas officially began on Friday, October 25, where Hallmark also announced they had incorporated two new Hanukkah themed movies in their twenty four holiday movie lineup. Hallmark, including the 2019 season, has 136 total holiday movies in their original library of films. 

   During each countdown, the television network always makes sure to throw in their most popular films from previous years along with their new releases. Some of their most popular films include some rather familiar faces, such as, Candance Cameron Bure (Full House), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), and Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die). I grew up watching these actors in these shows and movies, so seeing them in a holiday film was super surprising but made me look forward to watching them more.

   There are many varying, opinionated views on the quality of the story-lines and acting skills of some of the actors portrayed in the holiday films. As someone who has grown up watching Hallmarks countdown to Christmas, I personally love them, despite the cheesy acting.

   As soon as the first holiday Hallmark movie aired on October 25th, you can bet my family was all cozy on the couch watching them over and over again while periodically sprinting to get more popcorn during commercial breaks. 

   My younger sister Layne, is particularly fond of the ridiculous plots and happy endings that each film seems to consist of. She absolutely loves every story-line that the TV network has provided for her entertainment and is always first to the remote as soon as her and I get home from school. 

   Hallmark has put out tons of holiday movies all with the same type of ending: the guy gets the girl. Besides the fact that the ending is very predictable, there is always a crazy and unique twist that the writers incorporate into the story-lines.