It’s not cool to Juul

Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Vaping is a habit that many people have become attracted to over the years, and it appeals particularly to adolescents. Although e-cigarettes are illegal due to their harmful effects, teenagers are continuing to bring them into schools among many other places.

When teenagers use a Juul, a type of e-cigarette, the nicotine level intake is high. According to Child Mind Institute, one Juul pod is equivalent to smoking one pack of cigarettes, which is very damaging to lungs, especially to young people.

“Many rumors have been spread around that vaping cannot harm your lungs, but they are very wrong,” said Dr. Jeannie Clark. “Oxygen is the only thing that should be going into your lungs. When something foreign and toxic enters your lungs it is bound to have some harmful effects.”

Harm to your lungs is not the only effect of vaping. Since teenager’s brains are not fully developed, the high levels of nicotine in Juuls can cause teens to become addicted easily to them.

When a child is addicted to something, it decreases their focus. Having focus is something that is essential for teenagers because they are in school. If they cannot focus in school, then their overall performance will be impacted negatively.

Death is another risk associated with vaping, and although it is rare, it can and has happened. Some teenager’s vape so much that it causes very critical lung damage, leading to death.

Although there are many damaging effects of vaping for young people, it can be very beneficial for adults who are attempting to quit smoking. For the adults that previously smoked and want to quit, vaping can make that easier.

“Vaping is a habit teenagers should break,” said Dr. Clark. “As for adults who would like to quit smoking, I think vaping is a good alternative that should be considered, but the harmful effects of vaping can affect anyone who uses them.”

Overall, Vaping has harmful effects for people, even when using it to quit smoking. The type of effect it has on individuals all depends on the person.