Breaking News: Michigan is one of the sickest states

Jacob Swartz, Web Journalist

Michigan has recently gained a reputation for being the second sickest state in the United States, according to a report from Kinsa, a thermometer company. The report states that seven percent of people in Michigan are experiencing flu-like symptoms, rather than the national average of five percent.

Northwest High School has sent out an informational flyer stating the symptoms for students in order for them to determine if they are too sick for school. Students should be symptom free for a full 24 hours before they consider returning to school.

Northwest is lucky enough to have full time nurse Logan Cole on campus numerous times a week to aid students in feeling their best.

“In my opinion, Michigan is so sick because people are not getting their flu vaccinations, not taking care of themselves, and because we have four seasons,” said Nurse Logan Cole. “With the weather changing in our state all the time, our bodies can’t keep up and it weakens our immune systems.”

There are multiple proactive and efficient ways to prevent catching a virus. With a doctor’s help, or even your own initiative, you can stay healthy year round.

“Vaccinate and/or get a flu shot, get enough sleep at night, have a balanced diet and make sure to stay hydrated,” said Cole. “If you are sick, go see a doctor so they can prescribe medication.”

So once you start feeling the symptoms, practice self-care and make sure to wash your hands, use cough drops to reduce throat pain and coughing, and take vitamins so your body can have the power it needs to fight off the sickness.

Have a healthy, safe winter, Northwest!