Expressing myself through body modifications



Student reveals belly piercings

Ariana Koker, Feature Editor

Expression can range from individual to individual, and someone’s personal style can be shown by their hair color, hobbies, and voice. With myself, I like to show others who I am through my piercings.

As of today, I have nine body modifications, specifically piercings. My love for piercings developed when I came across a Youtuber called Roly, a body modification enthusiast.

The first piercings I got done were my earlobes, when I was two years old. My freshman year, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and get my rook pierced (The rook is located above the tragus in the anti-helix part of the ear).

After that piercing, I began to feel like I needed a thousand more. I started learning ear piercing terminology along with developing a list inside my head of what modifications I wanted done next. Playing it safe with strictly ear piercings, I then got my conch done, which is the inner middle part of your ear cartilage, which hurt pretty badly. As of today, it is one of my favorite piercings.

Two or more months passed and I kept begging and pleading with my parents to give me permission to continue to check off the list of piercings that were inside my head. One after the other, I was achieving my goal. Next, I got my tragus done, which is the small pointed eminence of the external ear.

Once I turned 16, I was able to get my nose and belly button pierced, which unfortunately took a lot of convincing from my parents. They ultimately gave in, which makes me forever grateful for them allowing me to continue expressing myself.

Even though, a majority of my piercings are not easily visible, they still hold a great amount of importance to who I am, along with the endless possibilities each new piece of jewelry can hold.