Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ sparks interests in young adults

Emma Flynn, Web Journalist

   It is said that money is the root of all evil, and in today’s world, people would do almost anything to obtain wealth.

In the newest show, Squid Game, this theory is tested, and people are gravitating to watch it. It showcases the harsh reality of society’s economic inequalities, the connection to wanting more money, and the nostalgia surrounding it all.

   Squid Game has grasped the attention of almost all teens. People think it is simply because they all desire more money, and how some people will do almost anything to retrieve it. However, people may want money, but they all will not go to any extent to get it. 

   Senior Drew Milligan, heard about Squid Games through the tennis team and was not interested in what his teammates had to say about it. However, he found himself still watching it and connected in different ways. 

   “I definitely relate to the money aspect of it. What person wouldn’t want millions of dollars, as seen in the show,” said Milligan. 

   Although Milligan connected with Squid Game to want money, he still did not enjoy the show as much as other teenagers did. Some people who did enjoy the show, enjoyed it for other reasons- not relating to money. 

   Others were fond of the nostalgia given to them while watching the series. Games people played as kids, such as “red light, green light” and “tug of war,” gave some teenagers thoughts of their childhood. 

   Sophomore Graci Cole watched Squid Game in just a couple of days and genuinely enjoyed the show. 

   “I felt a sense of home watching Squid Game. Even though the show can be very gruesome, watching them play games like “red light, green light” gave me deja-vu almost,” said Cole.  

   These games they all played as children had a more significant impact than they thought. Cole is not the only student who agrees with how comfortable the nostalgia makes them. Even though the show was unsettling regarding what happened after the games, people still find comfort in watching the characters play the games. 

   Nostalgia is not the only way teens have connected with Squid Game. Many people have raised awareness of the economic inequalities in real life and presented them within this series. 

   Sophomore Jordynn Elayyan, enjoyed Squid Game and related in different ways. 

   “I related to the show in needing money in my childhood years; we struggled a lot. But since then, we have been very fortunate to be comfortable financially,” said Elayyan. 

   Squid Games’ deeper meaning, especially regarding the financial troubles the characters are experiencing, has captivated viewers who may be going through the same thing. 

   The emotional association viewers experience has proven to be one of the main reasons the new show Squid Game has taken the internet by storm, along with the harsh reality concerning debt and wanting more money.