Let the show begin

Production begins for “High School Musical”


Photo By: Holliss Rumler

(Left to right) Junior Abby Arthur, Junior Emily Zielinski, Sophomore Max Zielinski, and Senior Mira Bartlett auditioning through the “High School Musical” detention scene.

Hailee Paugh, Web Journalist

  The school musical is a big part of bringing the community together and getting parents out of the house while giving students a different activity. This year’s musical is going to be High School Musical.

Senior Oliva Johnson, who auditioned for this year’s musical, is excited to be a part of the production because her opportunity has been taken away for the past few musicals.

   “After COVID-19 kind of taking away our musicals the past couple years, Snell thought this would help get people up and excited about the school year,” said Johnson.

   Ever since COVID-19 happened, many students fail to socialize, and they need a reason to get up and make new friends. 

   “The steps to becoming a great performer aren’t really steps, you just have to be willing to put yourself out there,” said Johnson.

   When auditioning for a play or musical, students get nervous. Some students may get scared they are not qualified enough to be in the musical. Fortunately, almost everyone who comes to auditions gets cast in the production. 

   Snell, the choir director and musical director, always tries to make everyone feel included. The upperclassmen are mainly cast for the lead roles, but there are times when lowerclassman may also earn the starring role. 

   Senior Hannah Sanford is auditioning for what is referred to as ‘clutch,’ a group of students who are more of a back up for the lead roles.

   Sanford believes that with all of the crazy events over the past couple of years, this will bring more joy into the community and create a safe environment where everyone can enjoy themselves. 

   “This musical is such a great idea for the community to all come together and have fun. It will help let everyone express themselves,” said Sanford. 

   With this being the first big production since the pandemic occurred, most students have been very excited to share such a great production with everyone.

   It is encouraged for students, parents, and even staff to join this lively group and enjoy themselves. A lot of effort gets put into these musicals. Parents enjoy spending time with their kids, and the staff love being with their school.

   Each year the students and directors attempt to raise at least $20,000 to help pay for any expenses. Currently, fundraising is ongoing and critical to the musical’s success. 

   All of the musical staff are looking forward to beginning shooting High School Musical because they know it will be one to remember.