Senior coaches ready for a new dance team season

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

All anyone hears is the loud music and then they see the dancers. This year the Dance Team comes back with new hopes and goals for the season.

Seniors Andrea Anatasiadis and Madison Howe coach the 2014-2015 dance team. Also with the help of Northwest Alumni Marleigh Hayes, who coached the Dance Team during her junior and senior year of high school.

Even though the season has not started, they will be performing at basketball games. But the team does not just look forward to performing; it is also about becoming a family.

“I want all the girls to have an opportunity to become close with one another and have someone they can always count on,” said Anatasiadis. “I want the dance team to be a thing where they can escape to if they are ever having problems.”

Some members of the team do look forward to the performing more than being a family.

“I love it and it is one of my main things that come with dancing. You work toward it and it is your showcase,” said senior Leann Bennett.

Anatasiadis plans on creating two dances that will be performed on numerous occasions over the course of the season. The style of dance they want to use is Hip Hop, which gives them different opportunities for each piece of choreography.

The coaches plan on having a great season and are hoping people come out to watch the team perform at the games.