New teacher relates with students

Mrs. Crockett

Jaynie Sorenson

Mrs. Crockett

Kara Brown , Web Photographer

From cats to crafts, Mrs. Crockett is one of the new teachers this year that has common interests with her students.

She has two cats of her own, Momo and Charlie.

“I hate when people think cats are babies,” said Crockett.

She enjoys quilting, riding bikes, reading, writing, and crafting. Crockett enjoys reading novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, including Lord of the Rings.

Crockett found her passion in second grade, while she helped her brothers with their homework.

“My parents are not traditional teachers, like I am. My mother is a pastor at the church I grew up in, and my father is a teacher of all trades, I feel like he can teach anyone anything,” said Crockett. “So they are very inspiring and very supportive of what I wanted to do.”

Crockett graduated from Kalamazoo Community College then moved on and graduated from Spring Arbor University with two majors, history and English.

She enjoys interacting with her students; however she wants to inspire them to do their best.

“I really like to build potential in students,” said Crockett. “I like to develop success so students feel they can succeed themselves. I can really do that at this school.”

Helping students is only a part of why Crockett likes this school.

“It is awesome,” said Crockett. “It is a good family atmosphere and I love that in a school.”

Crockett is different from some of the other teachers because she is young, however, junior, Kala Van Aken likes the fact that she is.

“I like that she is young because not long ago she was in high school, I feel that she can relate to us more because of her age,” said Van Aken.

With Crockett’s quirky personality students have the chance to connect with her easier.