Building annoyances that students deal with daily

Holliss Rumler, Web, Sports, & Poetry Editor

Dudley covering his eyes as Junior Landon Schroeder and Junior Briston Armstrong demonstrate being seen directly in front of the urinals from the hallway. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Junior Jacob Swartz poses at a vending machine located in the commons after it ate his money. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
A sink located in the female’s restroom, which continuously drips and even has a bucket underneath it to catch the excess water. that leaks. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Senior Jade Sayles demonstrates her feelings prior to crawling underneath the broken stall door that frequently locks students inside it and out of it. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Senior Drew Milligan after washing his hands, but instead getting splattered from the sink water. which soaked his clothing after only 30 seconds. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Junior Landon Schroeder and Junior Briston Armstrong showing how they tower over the male’s restroom’s stall doors, which appear to be much too short. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)