Building annoyances that students deal with daily


Holliss Rumler

In the female restroom located in the 500 wing of Northwest High School, there is a stall door that has been known to get stuck and lock teens inside. This photograph is of Jade Sayles portraying how one would feel if they had to crawl beneath the stall door.

Holliss Rumler, Web Journalist & Photographer

Dudley covering his eyes as Junior Landon Schroeder and Junior Briston Armstrong demonstrate being seen directly in front of the urinals from the hallway. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Junior Jacob Swartz poses at a vending machine located in the commons after it ate his money. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
A sink located in the female’s restroom, which continuously drips and even has a bucket underneath it to catch the excess water. that leaks. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Senior Jade Sayles demonstrates her feelings prior to crawling underneath the broken stall door that frequently locks students inside it and out of it. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Senior Drew Milligan after washing his hands, but instead getting splattered from the sink water. which soaked his clothing after only 30 seconds. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)
Junior Landon Schroeder and Junior Briston Armstrong showing how they tower over the male’s restroom’s stall doors, which appear to be much too short. (Photo By: Holliss Rumler)