A Season of Giving

Northwest’s Adopt a Family tradition continues serving the community


Photo By: Marnie Hade

Community members organization and preparing donations for distribution day.

Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

  With everyone’s busy schedules during the holidays, people often fail to recognize the hardships people face in their community. For this reason, Northwest Community Schools hosts Adopt a Family each year, an event created to offer an opportunity to support the less fortunate.  

   The program is primarily run by Miss Marnie Hade at the high school and through the Salvation Army, which runs on a much bigger spectrum.

   Many donations are accepted, from online and physical monetary donations to tangible items. While food and clothes are necessary items, each family looks forward to receiving them. Since it is the holiday season, toys for children are encouraged because it makes the experience more personal and unique for them. 

In addition to donations, there are other ways to support the program.

   “Time is something everyone can give,” said Hade. “My mother had always said to me as a child, ‘the greatest gift you can give someone is to give of yourself to others.'”

   Something new to the program is attaining their food from the Food Bank. This resource allows the host to buy more food for less money, which gives individuals the opportunity to help numerous families. In previous years, they would go to a grocery store to shop, which cost much more money. 

   The giving trees in the schools contain ornaments that people take and allow you to adopt one of the families. A requested item is listed on each ornament, and once the item is ready, both the ornament and item can be given to Hade. 

   “The truth is we are all one step away from needing help, whether it is from a choice we make or not,” said Hade. “So, if you are not willing to help others, you need to be careful when asking for help for yourself.”  

   Despite the widespread belief that only those who can offer items can contribute to these events, anyone has the means to. The event has many factors, such as putting up the giving trees, creating ornaments, bell ringing in public areas, or helping at the Salvation Army on distribution day. All of these activities require various amounts of time. 

   Northwest’s student government, otherwise known as STORM, are also very involved participants. With its leader, Senior Aspen Tapley, being involved, she demonstrates how busy students can always find time to give. 

   “Being involved in the National Honor Society (NHS) and STORM means a lot of community service for me. Although it can be overwhelming, with all the people I work with, adopting a family is specifically special because you can see the pure joy they experience,” said Aspen.  

   While many can comfortably enjoy the holidays without worry, it is essential to remember those who are not as fortunate.