Northwest updates COVID-19 case guidelines

Abby Warner, Editor

  With COVID-19 cases on the rise in many parts of Michigan, Northwest administration has been working very hard to ensure the safety of the students, most recently with an update to the guidelines. 

   As done previously, any positive cases, which are highly encouraged to be reported,  will be reported to classroom close contacts, as well as any additional staff or students who are considered a close contact. 

   One of the most recent updates to the guidelines is the addition of sending notifications out to students and parents of students who were located in the same class period as the individual who tested positive. 

   While trying to stop the spread as much as possible, the board is recommending parents keep their child home sick if they are awaiting test results, received a positive test result, have a family member who has tested positive, or if they are experiencing any symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. 

   Updates for the community can be found on the NWCS app, as well as on the Northwest website, to keep all students and families informed for their safety.