OVERTIME: More students needed to improve spirit of student section

Mason Schroeder, Editor in Chief

   The “Win Now” mentality is what the Northwest student section needs to have. Supportive, cheering, and encouraging are attributes that each student should bring to every game.

   For the past few years,  it seems that fewer students make an appearance at their peers’ games, either because they do not have an interest in the sport or because they think the teams are not talented enough. To positively impact the team, the student section needs participation from more of the student body. Northwest’s student section is not highly involved compared to other schools. Other schools often follow a theme for the game and cheer for most of the time.

   When we try a theme, there are often communication breakdowns. How these event themes are publicized are very unclear to students. Sometimes the plan is decided early in the week, but it changes one or more times. This makes the theme very cloudy, and people often get confused. Improvement in communication will be vital to improving. 

   When people are unaware of ways to participate, it affects the capacity of the Northwest student section. While changes have been made, such as adding an Instagram page, people who do not have social media or do not use it often may still have difficulty. 

   While the negative part of the student section might be the only visible part to many, the ones who are involved create a very positive environment for the players.  

   After making the Varsity basketball team, Junior Louis Bartlett enjoys and appreciates the people who come out to the games and support the team.

The student section cheers while the team tries to score a free throw during a recent game. (Photo by: Riley Henderson)

   “I find the student section very influential in impacting our games, and I like how our peers cheer us on,” said  Bartlett.

   Simply sitting in the student section makes a difference in the student section because it proves to the players their peers do care to see them compete.

All-around support can impact the feeling and overall outcome of the game. This includes away games. If the atmosphere is good, the players are more likely to perform better.

   Overall, the simple solution is to get more people to show up while also participating in the theme, chants, and adding to the cheerful atmosphere.