Breaking News: Severe snowstorm hits southeast Michigan, Mountie Pageant canceled

Hannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

   Businesses and schools are closed through Feb. 2-3 as a severe snowstorm has hit southeast Michigan. Marking the first snow day of the year for many schools, students are thrilled, especially considering the call was sent out the night prior for both days. 

   The snowstorm began late Tuesday night and is projected to continue until early Thursday morning. An amount of eight to sixteen inches of snow is expected to accumulate, depending on the area. 

   With Michigan winters becoming less extreme throughout the passing years, a snowstorm as such was unexpected by many Michiganders. Snow days are rapidly decreasing each year, and two snow days, potentially three, in a row have not been seen in many schools since the 2015 snowstorm.   

   Senior Rilya Eichhorn has been a member of the Mountie community since sophomore year, however, she has been public schooled in Michigan since beginning school, and she has experienced firsthand the decrease in snow days.

   “I feel like as a child we used to get them all of the time and even went above our allowed amount, but now we are lucky to get one or two,” said Eichhorn. 

   Many retail stores, restaurants, flights, and Amtrak routes have all been canceled along with hundreds of school cancellations. Northwest had planned to host a Mountie Pageant on Wednesday, Feb. 2, however, due to road and weather conditions, it was also canceled with the possibility of not being rescheduled.

   “I think that it would have been a fun event, so it is disappointing, but I am still glad to have the snow days,” said Eichhorn. 

   A snowstorm that took place in 2015 brought an average of 15.7 inches to Mid-Michigan, and the current snowstorm was predicted to potentially break state records, however, the warm weather from Tuesday eliminated that possibility. 

   With the rarity of huge snowstorms like these, teachers, parents, and students are making the most out of their days because it is unknown when another snow day may occur. Students are enjoying their snow day through sledding, taking the chance to catch up on much-needed rest, schoolwork, binge watch Netflix, and many more activities.