Students find their future through Jackson Area Career Center


Photo by: Sydney Sumner

JACC’s cosmetology program prior to hosting their tenth grade tours.

Jaylynn Moore, Web Journalist

   Often, it is highly urged by adults that students attend college after high school and then pursue a career afterward. However, recently, many students have been choosing to go to the Jackson Area Career Center (JACC).

Many different career fields and opportunities are offered at JACC. Students can gain access to internships and externships that carry on after graduation, which allows them to get a much earlier start on their career as opposed to if they had gone to college.

   Junior Deja Scott attends cosmetology school through JACC to someday become a hairstylist. 

   “Ever since I was younger, nails, hair, and makeup were always things I was passionate about doing,” said Scott.

She plans to go into a full-time cosmetology job following graduation. She also believes that her career path will benefit her in the long run financially, seeing as though she will not have to pay for her own upkeep. 

   “I do not plan on going to college because if you pass the state board tests, then you can go straight into a workplace for cosmetology,” said Scott.

   Scott enjoys attending JACC a lot for the cosmetology experience, but it does help her keep her grades up since she does not have to focus on five classes and instead has two classes at the end of the day.

   “I am very happy with the experience I got out of attending career center, and I would encourage anyone that is thinking about going to go,” said Scott.

   Junior Rj Ladd also goes to JACC for construction, and he plans to find a job in that same field directly after graduation.

   “I picked construction because it sounded interesting to be able to learn how to build anything. I also enjoy working with my hands, so this was something I knew I would like,” said Ladd.

   He read about going to a trade school before he even joined JACC and is most likely going to attend one of some sort.

   “I really liked what they had to offer and the opportunities that come with going to a trade school,” said Ladd.

   Ladd believes if he had not gone to the JACC for construction, he would have wished to attend a trade school. He thinks that it is great that the school offers the choice of a career center.

    “Not everyone wishes to go to college, and some people are not the best academically, which allows them to find something they would like to do, while still getting the experience.” 

   He urges the people to join and firmly believes it is a great experience, especially if they plan to continue that career post-graduation.

   “I think if you find something truly intriguing to you, then you should definitely join the Career Center,” said Ladd

While colleges may be promising for many, the Career Center has proven to be a great option for those who do not necessarily enjoy constant academic work, but instead, enjoy hands-on work in a field that interests them. It will give students many opportunities college is not able to, such as an immediate job following graduation.