Milligan and Smith crowned King and Queen for annual Snowfest


Photo by: Riley Henderson

Seniors Drew Milligan and Madison Smith after being crowned Snowfest’s king and queen.

Alondra Mata, Assistant Editor

  Being nominated for Snowfest court can be a dream come true and create a feeling of living in a fantasy. Each nominee for the 2022 Snowfest court was proud and excited to be nominated. 

After the student body voted for the nominees, Madison Smith and Drew Milligan were crowned King and Queen

   To be nominated, high school teachers had to first offer candidate options for the court. The teachers had to use several factors in their nominations. School spirit, respectfulness, responsibility, kindness, work ethic, and their ability to continually strive toward success were all part of the decision-making. Once a list of possible candidates was established, the students voted for their court nominations.

   Male senior court nominees for Snowfest included: Drew Milligan, James Arthur, Zach Williams, Jonah Snyder, Alfredo Mendoza, and Sharan Singh.

Female nominees included: Madison Smith, Naveah Ingram, Jocee Snyder, Miriam Bartlett, Abigail Styck, and Savannah Anderson. 

   Junior nominees were Ben Shepherd and Jillian Osterberg, and sophomores were Max Zielinski and Caleigh Graham. Lastly, the freshman nominees were Will Atwood and Olivia Lounds