Senior finds Hocus Pocus 2 falling short of original

Kyleigh Tindall, Editor

   The Sanderson sisters are back and ready to cause all the trouble they possibly can to stay young and beautiful. After a very long awaited 29 years, Hocus Pocus 2 has finally been released, and many are loving it. However, as of October 4, it has a 62 percent on the rotten tomato scale, and it seems like a fair rating.

   In the movie, on Halloween night, the characters Becca and Izzy perform a birthday ritual after they were given a candle by their local spiritual store owner. This took place on Becca’s 16th birthday, suddenly after starting and performing, they noticed what was occurring around them. They look down and soon notice that the candle they were gifted has a black flame. The same flame used to summon the Sanderson sisters.

   Senior Dejah Scott has very specific opinions on the new movie. She believes the plot of this movie was not very sensible and the original was better. 

   “The original movie’s acting will always be more realistic,” said Scott.

   Although her mind will never change, she did still have her favorite scenes. Scott loved the visuals that came along with the two witches fading away due to a spell that they had cast. The book still looks very scary but shows emotions when it realizes they had died. Scott also loved how they had created a new witch in this movie and the fact that she was good instead of bad like the original three.

   Scott believes that even though they left the movie on a cliffhanger, they should not make another due to the original actors probably passing away by that time, and it will not be the same without them. In this cliffhanger, there was a candle labeled “black candle #2” which is the one they use to summon them.

   “What are the Sanderson sisters if they are not there to cause trouble?” said Scott.

   A few things that Scott believes would have made the movie better is if all the old actors were back and used a bit of the original plot. If they had possibly made the little girl from Hocus Pocus 1 the new good witch, she believes that would have made an amazing comeback. 

  Hocus Pocus 2 has drawn various opinions, and many believe the first show was much better while others say they are pretty equal.