Senior strives for musical success, MSU future


Photo by: Miss Marnie Hade

Jaylen Poirrier playing a solo in the closer of the marching band show, Malaguena.

Mason Schroeder, Editor-in-Chief

   In high school, the band program can influence students’ lives. For Senior Jaylen Poirrier, Marching, Honors, Jazz, Pep, and college bands consume all his time and energy.

   Poirrier started playing the trumpet in sixth grade and later learned the french horn, alto saxophone, clarinet, mellophone, euphonium, and trombone. It is rare for a student to be skilled in multiple instruments. 

   “Though I enjoy playing all of these instruments, I’m a trumpet at the core. It was the first instrument I picked up, and I am most skilled at that,” said Poirrier.

   Having the passion and drive to succeed in the band has made Poirrier more confident. 

   When he joined the Marching Mounties, he started on the trumpet and practiced often. Learning to march and play was something new that Poirrier had to overcome and adapt to. He feels the leadership from upperclassmen and instructors allowed him to pick up these new challenges easier.

   Poirrier’s confidence is recognizable and proudly shown in all the solos he has performed during the marching season. 

   “I love to play my solos and to be able to express myself in front of an audience. I really enjoy the praise that comes out of it,” said Poirrier. 

   Band Director Bryan Mangiavellano has had the pleasure of teaching Poirrier throughout the past four years. He has instructed him in a variety of his band achievements. Mangiavellano has great hopes for Poirrier post-graduation regarding his musical abilities and believes he has a bright future in the musical field in college. 

   “Jaylen surely has a great ear, range, and sight-reading,” said Mangiavellano. “He makes students around him better.”

   Poirrier has also been a section leader for the trumpets and brass captain for the Marching Mounties this past year. His leadership skills and knowledge of the skills allow him to be such an influence on the underclassmen. 

   One of these underclassmen, Sophomore Brayden Hartke, enjoys being a part of the same band and, more importantly, the same section as Poirrier.

   “I really love being in a band with Jaylen. He is a very good player, and I have learned a lot from him,” said Hartke. “I am really going to miss him after this year.”

Poirrier is enjoying his last game as a Marching Mountie on Senior night. (Photo by: Miss Marnie Hade)

   Poirrier is not only involved in band programs through the school but also a member of the Jackson Community Concert band at Jackson College, the Spartan Youth Symphony at Michigan State University, and a garage band that involves his friends.

   He hopes to continue his musical talents in college by studying music education at Michigan State University. 

   “I want to go to Michigan State because of the value it brings me. I have also looked at Central, Western, and Eastern Michigan as well,” said Poirrier.

   The band has always been a part of Poirrier’s life, and he expresses that he would not know where he would be without it. It has affected his life in so many unimaginable ways that will help his future career in music.