Restroom in 500 hall receives new installation

Kaleb Kittinger-Munro, Editor

   This year, the boy’s restroom in the 500-Wing of Northwest High School has received a new feature. There are now “saloon-style” doors that have been installed to help give the students more privacy while using the restroom.

   Before installing these new doors, anyone in the hallway could see students using the urinals, which made several students uncomfortable.

   While the doors do block most students from seeing into the bathroom, there still is a chance for a student to look over the new doors if they are tall enough. Another problem with the new doors is that if the bathroom becomes crowded, it becomes hard for students to flow in and out quickly. 

   So far, the students seem to have accepted the doors. Fortunately, there have been no major complaints from students or staff regarding the doors.