Pep band newly welcomed

New pep band during basketball season

Kelsey Hogan, Web Journalist

Northwest High School is welcoming a pep band with the new 2014 basketball season. The band will consist of around 25 to 30 band members. The band members will do most of their performance at half time and time-outs.

Time-outs are a break in the game, for the basketball members to come together and focus with the pep band playing it may cause some distractions for the team.

“At time-outs the band may distract us from concentrating,” said senior Michaela Taylor.  “I think it will help us though, it will get everyone to cheer us on as a team.”

This is the first year Northwest has had a pep band since 2006. The ensemble plans to bring more enthusiasm and excitement to home games.

“I think the pep band is a great idea,” said sophomore Kelsy Lopes. “It would be good for the band because we already have such an excellent program with great skills.”

The band is there to bring energy to not only the student section, but the entire crowd with great school spirit.

“I think it will be fun and I can’t wait to work with the student section and make a cool vibe for our basketball teams,” said Band teacher, Mr. Mangiavellano.

The ensemble plans to attend most of the home basketball games for the 2014-2015 season.