Football fights through season


Kara Brown

Varsity football team huddles before play.

Kara Brown , Web Photographer


At the end of the season the varsity football team was 1-8, but the last four games of the season the boys began to play better.

“Obviously we set our expectations high, and we did not meet our expectations,” said head football coach Slater. “Our expectations were to make the playoffs, and we did not do that. From that aspect we did not do as well as we wanted to.”

The record does not make the team, the way the players come together makes a team.

“The last four games I thought we were better, we actually started playing. We played a little more relaxed, some of the pressure was off of us, so we were able to play like we were capable,” said Slater.

Throughout the season the team improved the way they played.  The scores may not have showed it, but Slater saw the improvement and so did senior Holden Pieh.

“We did what we could do with what we had. We finished the season off with a win which was nice,” said Pieh.

In the future the team hopes to work more in the off season to improve records for following seasons.

“We needed to work harder in the off season,” said Garner.

Next season, with extra effort from the off season it will improve their skills.