Drama club breaks down barriers

Student finds themself in club

Mike Layher, Assistant Web Editor-in-Chief

Breaking down walls, putting yourself out there, and conquering fears are just a few things once can gain from joining Drama Club.

Advisor and director Mr. Collins began the group in his first year of teaching at the high school.

“[Drama Club] is a collection of different kinds of students,” said Collins. “It’s a loose organization designed to be open for anyone; ¬†we try to include people that wants to be involved in whatever ways through improv sessions.”

The group is designed to break shy students out of their comfort zones, help develop confidence and form strong friendships.

Senior Mackenzie Miller joined by the influence of her peers and her sister. Being an active member helped her branch out and become more confident.

“I feel more open to talk to more people. It’s weird, but in the play, my character gets strangled, and the person doing it is a complete stranger to me,” said Miller. “After something like that with happening someone I don’t know, I feel like talking to people is no problem in comparison.”

Miller joined at the beginning of her senior year for fun, but found that being in the group has had a profound effect on her shy nature.

“[People] should definitely try out for one of our plays,” said Collins. “It’s a great way to meet new people, put yourself out there, and break down some of your walls.”

Coping with insecurities and building stronger bonds with friends is exactly what Miller did after being involved in productions.

“It’s a great place to be,” said Miller. “You can talk to anyone there about your life and they’ll help you through it.”

Though acting in front of the community through Drama Club was something unusual to Miller, the family-like atmosphere and various group activities helped through any worries.