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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

The History Of Concocting Creatures

   Boo! It is entering the Halloween season, and people are starting to think about what they will be dressing up as and what spooky activities they will be partaking in. 

Senior Evan Hampton (Joseph Tobey-Cook)

   Sophomore Matthew Horvath-Frias and his friend group are all rolling out as the Super Mario Squad this Halloween and he is pumped and ready to try on his Luigi costume. Horvath-Frias has been dressing up annually for as long as he can remember. 

   As a kid, his parents would buy him his costumes but he would often find the normal ghouls and goblins boring and old fashioned. So he started to create his very own superhero and videogame character costumes. 

   “Creating your own costumes allows you to dress up as something you want to be and not restrict you to only what the store is selling you,” said Horvath-Frias.

   Senior Evan Hampton and his girlfriend are going to be debuting as DC Comics characters Green Arrow and Black Canary this Hallows Eve. In years past Hampton has not felt the need to dress up but with a little nudge from his significant other, he has decided to get into the Halloween spirit. 

   Although Hampton has little experience in making his own costumes, this year if he can not find a costume that fits his budget in stores he has decided that he would try his hand at concocting his own costume. 

   “I do not know why stores price their costumes so high when they consistently have rips in them,” said Hampton.

   Like Horvath-Frias, Hampton believes that there is a lot to be desired when it comes to costumes sold in-store. He has gotten outfits in the past that became uncomfortable and itchy due to a poor choice of material by the manufacturers. He thought the size ranges, specifically in height, could be improved.

(Joseph Tobey-Cook)

   “A lot of the costumes are made in smaller sizes to fit young kids who are trick or treating,” said Hampton. “What about me? I’m a big dude!”

   The making of homemade Halloween costumes was not always so rare. According to Your AAA Today, Children would naturally use costumes either made by themselves or their mothers. The best help someone could get in the 1800s with making a costume was from popular women’s magazines that had added instructions on how to make them. There were not any commercial Halloween stores to buy costumes from at the time.

   Astonishingly, one of the most well-known Halloween stores was not even a thought until the early 1980s.

As reported by USA Today, Spirit Haloween opened its first set of doors in 1983 at the Castro Valley Mall.

   Over the years many things have changed about Halloween. Halloween started out with people dressing up in animal skins to

 hide from spirits and now it has become a bunch of people dressing up as their favourite monsters and superheroes. 

   At times store-bought costumes can be a little annoying with their smell and their general lack of quality, but it never ruins the fun that comes along with thinking up a good trick to go with all the treats that come with this holiday.

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