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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

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Community honors impactful classmate


   Including initials on their warmups, and creating a personalized plaque are just a few examples of how the Boys’ Soccer team have memorialized their teammate. After the passing of Tyler Foster, honoring their classmate became a critical part of the 2023 soccer season. 

   Foster had been a part of the high school soccer program for multiple years, and Junior Varsity Coach, Christopher Abbs, witnessed Foster grow as a player and a teammate.

    “As a player, Tyler always wanted to succeed,” said Abbs. “Anyone could tell that he loved the game, and it was apparent the moment he stepped foot on the field.” 

   The Boys’ Soccer team wanted to ensure Foster was not forgotten. During the boys’ senior night, the group included Foster in the celebration.

   Picture boards of the current Seniors were lined along the pathway heading toward the soccer field, along with a memorial of Foster. 

   The table consisted of a photo of their classmate, candles, flowers, his soccer jersey, and medals.

A young photo of now Seniors; Alex Thrun, Denver Bright, Jazihel Fajardo, and Tyler Foster (Dody Thrun)

   Senior Maximillian (Max) Zielinski had developed a close bond with Foster whilst playing soccer. During intense games, Zielinski found himself looking for Foster’s encouraging words. 

   “It is important to recognize Tyler because we want to keep his memory alive,” said Zielinski. “He never failed to be kind to those around him.”

   Another way Foster’s friends and family celebrated him was through bracelets. His friend, Senior Alex Thrun, distributed bracelets with Foster’s initials on them. 

   Thrun’s mother, Dody Thrun, created these accessories as a way to always have Foster with them. Thrun finds himself carving Foster’s initials into the dirt before baseball games, as well as praying to Foster before his tennis matches. 

   “I want to feel his spirit,” said Thrun. “I never want to forget how good of a human he was.”

   Over the course of their eight-year friendship, Thrun grew up with Foster. Eating Cheez-Its, playing video games, and hanging out with his dog are activities Foster loved to participate in. 

   “One of my favorite memories of Tyler was when we would go outside and play wiffle ball until the fireflies came out,” said Thrun. “He was a funny person and never failed to make me laugh.” 

   The community has sent countless gifts and thoughts to Foster’s family. People have been supportive in numerous ways to help honor Foster’s life. 

   Gift cards, plants, and food are examples of contributions groups have made toward the Fosters.

   “I feel that Tyler’s passing brought the community together,” said Thrun. “It hurt the community when he passed, but it is crucial that we remember the more positive moments of his life.” 

   Coming up one year since Foster has passed, November 10th has become a celebration of life. Honoring Foster not only includes remembering his impact on his close friend group but also on the community.

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