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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

Seniors elect Class Presidents for the first time


   As Class Presidents were voted on throughout the school, all grade levels were represented by an assortment of class candidates. Although only Student Council members were the only ones allowed to run, the whole student body was more than welcome to vote on their top picks for Class Presidents. 

   For the Senior Class of 2024, the candidates consisted of Seniors John Horvath-Frias, Abrielle Taylor, and Brendan Fulmerhouser. Each candidate is fit to fill the position of President for the fact that they demonstrate qualities of leadership and commitment.

   Among Class Presidents, students were also given opportunities to vote for other class positions including Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Although Senior Holliss Rumler was the only student to run for Vice President, she worked just as hard as other candidates to secure her spot on the ballot. 

   As candidates campaigned in an assortment of ways, some forms conveyed their message and secured their votes more than others. While Horvath-Frias and Rumler banded together to pass out miniature Pop-It keychains and glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos, other running candidates made posters and buttons. 

   As voting was finalized, students grew anxious to discover their newfound Class President. Electronic as well as paper letters were sent to the winning candidates.

   After Horvath-Frias was informed of his victory he wasted no time in finding Rumler. Directly heading to her class and pulling her out to notify her. 

 Seniors John Horvath-Frias and Holliss Rumler after receiving their acceptance letters (Dani Hanks)

   Although the materialistic campaigning may have helped Horvath and Rumler in the long run, they did not view it as “buying votes”. On the contrary, they did it to see people smile as well as more student involvement.

    “Even if it didn’t help me win, it was still worth it because a lot of people got really excited about it,” said Rumler. “We also gave the remainder to the Peer Connections kids and I know they really enjoyed that.”

   In creating this new Northwest tradition, students are given the opportunity to help make decisions for their school through their Class President. Not only are Presidents expected to be the voice for their grade levels when it comes to planning school events, but also the support system students need. 

   “I am more of a connection from the students to the staff,” said Horvath-Frias. “So really, it is more about what the students want than what I want.”

   As of now, Horvath-Frias’s role as president would be leading Student Council meetings. Although he remains unsure about future plans, his ideas are limitless, and he guarantees he will be as committed as possible. As well as engage with the student body to ensure they feel included.

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