The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

Who is Mr. Buchler?


   From flunking out of college to being Principal of Northwest High School. Scott Buchler has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is now.  

   Buchler initially attended Adrian College where he played baseball. After failing out of Adrian College, and his mother having a stroke, Buchler transferred to Jackson College, and then Hillsdale College. 

   Buchler had yet to discover a career he felt passionate about until he assisted at a workshop for individuals with cognitive impairments and physical disabilities. 12 credits short of a Human Resource Management

Principal Buchler and his grandson, Beau. (Hadleigh Houghton)

degree, Buchler decided to start over and pursue education. 

   “I have always been an advocate for the underdogs,” said Buchler. “I love getting to witness students overcome adversity.”

   After earning his degree in education at Eastern Michigan University, with honors, Buchler started off as a special education math teacher at Jackson High School. 

   23 years later, he interviewed for Northwest High School’s principal position. 

   Administrative Secretary, Kim Rogers, assists Buchler with scheduling interviews, budgeting, filing paperwork, and more. 

   “I am always amazed at how well he [Buchler] can calm down an upset student or parent,” said Rogers. “People are almost always leaving his office laughing and smiling.”

   Over the past 33 years working in education, Buchler has learned something new every day. 

   “There are many stressful parts of my job,” said Buchler. “Coming back from Coronavirus, dealing with sub shortages, and making sure all of the student’s needs are met.”

   However, even during the most tasking parts, Buchler still finds ways to manage his personal life. Buchler uses running as a form of stress relief, sometimes running up to four times a week. He also makes use of his mornings and takes some time for himself. 

   Spending time with his family is also one of Buchler’s favorite things to do. He is married to his wife, Janelle Buchler, and they have three children: Hadleigh, Bryce, and Brogan. 

   Having meals together and talking about life are just a few of the things the Buchler family does to spend time with one another. 

   Buchler’s daughter, Hadleigh Houghton, also works in the same building as her father as a special education teacher. 

   A recent achievement of Buchler is becoming a grandfather. Houghton’s son, Beau, adores Buchler. He always finds a way to make Beau smile. 

   “I have loved getting to watch him [Buchler] become a grandpa,” said Houghton. “He is such an amazon dad, but it is the coolest experience to watch him love a child of my own.”

   Outside of his work, Buchler continues to better himself as a principal. 

   Buchler leads the Jackson County Justice Partnership to help students improve their attendance and behavior, through the use of interventions to hopefully lead to fewer suspensions. 

   Buchler is fond of professional learning. The events Buchler participates in outside of school help him become more knowledgeable and incorporate things that may positively impact the building. 

   “My father has inspired me in many ways,” said Houghton. “He is diplomatic, passionate, and absolutely loves his job.”

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