The Walking Dead: comic vs. show

Micheal Mierzwa, Sports Editor

On Oct. 31, 2010, The Walking Dead debuted on AMC, which would later become one of the networks highest rated series. The show was brought to life from the best selling The Walking Dead comic books created by Robert Kirkman.

The story from the series and comics are similar, but very unique in their own way. For example, the beloved Daryl Dixon portrayed by Norman Reedus is not a part of the comic book. Although he is not present in the comic, he manages to thrive as a main character.

For those who have not seen The Walking Dead, it is about a former police officer named Rick Grimes, who was shot on duty and put in a coma for several months. When he wakes up, the world he once knew has been destroyed by the undead.

The show is now in its eighth season, and is nearly caught up with the comic book series. The Walking Dead is produced by the creator of the comic book series as well.

Kirkman gets to oversee every new scene that does not appear in the book. This is to ensure the show is perfect for not only him, but the viewers as well.

Many other aspects from the comics have been altered. The show has changed deaths, added new characters, and portrays relationships differently.

With all these new ideas being brought to the big screen, it keeps the viewers guessing. The comics are recommended, but the show is successful on its own.

The Walking Dead has been on television for multiple years and has no signs of slowing down.

When it comes to the television series versus the graphic novel, there is no clear winner. It is not a bad thing that the show provides fresh entertainment for viewers, while the comics take readers on a different path.

The novels are not just about the undead. They provide each and every obstacle the characters go through, such as the death of a friend, the fight to keep moving forward during tough times, and doing whatever it takes to survive.

The zombies (walkers) help influence this, but they are not the only threat. In the series people are just as bad as the walkers, because they both are malicious to each other.

The Walking Dead is still growing whether it is a new episode, or a new issue. Adding suspense is key to the novels for Kirkman, as he feels no one is safe, giving each character the possibility of being harmed.

From fortifying a prison, to fighting cannibals, The Walking Dead still manages to prosper.