Best of the best, fall premiers

Kelsey Hogan , Web Journalsit

Grey’s Anatomy, Awkward, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story are just a few fall premieres coming out this year.  That’s not including all the Halloween movies that will be coming on TV soon.

When cold weather reaches everyone, people tend to crash inside. This usually involves a lot to eat, blankets, watching movies or TV. With this, viewers tend to rise in the fall season.

“In the summer and spring I’m usually outside more and during the colder seasons I’m inside more watching The Walking Dead or doing something inside to keep warm,” said sophomore Cecelia Klee.

The Walking Dead is just one television show in the fall that brings many young adult viewers. According to ( the show is bringing in an estimate 15.7 million viewers each week.

The Walking Dead is not the only show bringing skyrocketing views for the fall season, Blackish came in with a total of 10.8 million viewers, Grey’s Anatomy has 8 million and Scandal with 8.9 million viewers.

“I really love fall TV shows. I personally think they have more interesting shows and more of a variety, “said sophomore Shayna Webb.

With all the fall premieres here there’s most likely something for everyone to enjoy.