Winter sports begin preparation for new season


As the beginning of the winter season starts, sports players from basketball, bowling, hockey, cheer, and gymnastics make preparations.

Boy’s basketball tryouts started the week of Nov. 15, as well as the girls’ and boys’ bowling teams, while the girl’s basketball tryouts concluded late in the week of Nov. 8. Both the girls’ and the boys’ all include a freshman, junior varsity, and a varsity team so there is an opportunity for everyone to participate.

The Jackson United Hockey League and wrestling have already started their practices. Both are looking forward to their games in the near future, but wrestling is especially excited to be competing in states eventually.

Competitive cheer and the Jackson Gymnastics have both begun tryouts as of the week of Nov. 8 as well and are looking forward to a great season.
With the plentiful amount of competition to go and see, the teams hope for everyone to support them in one way or another.