Friday Night Lights, Northwest does it right

An in depth look at highlights of a high school student’s fall activities


Photo by: Miss Marnie Hade

Student section hyping up their football team before a game vs Hasting

Mason Schroeder, Editor in Chief

   The life of a high school student is often stressful and overwhelming. From quizzes on geographical locations to stress about passing the fitness test, the everyday anxiety of doing good on assignments is prevalent in students’ lives. 

   But one day that most students look forward to is Fridays. Students know the weekend is on the verge and best of all, Friday night football. Not only do the students get excited about participating in the theme or cheering on the team, but the community also comes together to support our Northwest Mountie football team. 

   Senior, Lonzy Robinson, is one of the student section leaders at the games. Leaders are assigned to choose the game theme and organize cheers. 

   “I think the student section has had a big impact on the game,” said Robinson. “Multiple times this year the student section has gotten loud and disrupted the other team.”

   As this is Robinson’s first year at the helm of the section, he feels like the community has rallied around the team and this has helped the team succeed. 

   “It is fun getting the whole school involved. When people come out to the game and support the team the environment is so much better,” said Robinson. 

   The supportive students and their devotion to supporting the team by participating in themes and cheers allow for the game to be more exciting. 

   The marching band, along with the student section, allows students to be involved on these Friday nights. The over 130 members of the Marching Mounties keep the fans engaged with their stand tunes and halftime show. 

   As a leader of the band, one of the Drum Majors Todd Affarano believes that the involvement of the band in the pregame, halftime, and music during the game allows for the experience to be more enjoyable.

   “Lots of hard work goes into the theme for the student section, as well as both the band and the football team putting in hard work to make the experience great for everyone,” said Affarano. 

   Before every game, the band marches around the stadium track to their cadence to give some pregame hype to the crowd. Affarano explains that whenever the band performs the feedback from the audience is always positive.

   “Whether it’s the pregame show, the stadium jams, or the halftime show, the band does an amazing job,” said Affarano.

Senior student section leaders leading cheers as the football team drives down the field. (Photo by: Kristen Sallee)

   The final, and most people consider the best part of a high school Friday night, is the football game. Competing in front of all the students, parents, and alums, the football team works hard all week to put their best performance forward each week. 

   Senior quarterback, JR Morrow, feels like the environment of these games under the stadium lights allows for his team to feel supported. 

   “Having all the fans, students, and the band making the stadium loud allows for us to get some great momentum,” said Morrow. 

   Morrow believes that being involved with the football team has improved his high school experience because of the Friday night football games. 

   “The participation makes playing on Friday nights so much better for us football players,” said Morrow. 

   The involvement with the students, the sounds of the marching band, and the grit shown on the field by the football team allow for the Friday night experience to be enjoyable for all.