Shinning senior


Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

Being the only senior on the bowling team is exciting for Chelsea Daniels. She has the ability to rise and become the top of the varsity team.

“Being the only senior on varsity is different. Last year, I was one of the only underclassmen and the rest were all seniors,” said Daniels. “I do kind of like it because everyone looks up to me and I can help them learn.”

Daniels has been able to work on perfecting her skill over the past three years of being on the team. Each year she was on varsity learning from the others. Now, she enjoys helping the younger teammates learn and grow with their skills.

“Chelsea cares about her team deeply.  She is always asking questions and wanting to help and make the other players better,” said bowling coach Gerry Lobdell.

Daniels also knows how skilled the other schools teams carry. She understands how well this year’s varsity must be to compete at the state level.

“The biggest thing with bowling is knowing what each situation is going to bring, and Chelsea has been through it all in her high school year,” said Lobdell. “So that gives her an advantage because she’s been in those situations before,”

With this being Daniels last year, she is hoping to leave the team with high hopes for the years to come.