Foreign language, writing system causes exchange student’s struggle

Phia Papenbroock, Journalist

Hearing English all the time is a change the majority of exchange students at the high school had to go through. “It can be very difficult,” said senior Yuzuki Nakamine, who left Japan five months ago.

“Japanese is completely different to English and I have to translate everything in my head or on my phone,” said Nakamine.

Not only the language but also the characters are different. In Japanese  there are three different types of alphabets where every character resembles a word.  Children there learn how to write about 1000 of these characters in elementary school.

American Literature has been the hardest class for her.

“I wanted to drop out at first, it was really tough,” said Nakamine.

American Literature and US History are classes which are required to take for the exchange students, and according to them, they also have been the classes which made them struggle the most.