Talent does not equal winning

Coaches prefer hard work over talent

Griffin Foster, Journalist

Hard work is a much better trait to have than talent in every aspect of life.

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails work hard,” said high school basketball coach Tim Notke. Notke is a high school basketball coach whose quote was made popular by Kevin Durant, while Durant was playing college basketball.

Over the years professional athletes have taken Notke’s quote and used it as their own personal mottos.
This is true in all parts of life. In sports if an athlete is not good at a certain part of their game, they then work on it until that part becomes better.

Talent is something people are born with. It can be different things such as a sport, a certain trade, or a craft. Everyone has something they are talented at. Working to achieve their best at something is what really develops talent and makes someone stand out at a certain skill.

“As a teacher, I think students that work the hardest in school are going to benefit more in the future than a student who is smart but never studies or tries,” said teacher Mrs. Gwen Johantgen.

Hard work is something that is achieved and not given. Companies are looking for applicants that work hard and can be problem solvers, not someone who will not work for something.

“Without hard work talent means nothing,” said junior hockey player Zach Faremouth. “That’s why we do on ice training and off-ice training to build up our strength and conditioning.”

Hard work helps young students or athletes develop into becoming better at whatever they are trying to perfect. If a person only has talent then they are at that level for the rest of their life until they decide to work hard to become better.

“As a coach, I would rather have 11 hard working athletes than 11 talented athletes,” said Mr. Corey Slater.

Talent can ultimately be wasted without work, it gives a person a head start in a certain field but does not actually allow someone to succeed at what they are trying to accomplish.

All in all hard work will forever outweigh talent in all aspects of life both in sports, and in the working world.