Foreign exchange students bring new cultures to Northwest

Jacob Swartz, Journalist

Northwest High School gets the luxury of hosting multiple foreign exchange students this year. They introduce cultures from places all around the globe such as France, Germany, Chile, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Italy.

Studying abroad is a great experience for students, including America. Foreign exchange students, and their peers, benefit from international friendships and have the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

Julia Nasse, from Germany, has accomplished something pretty amazing, she has learned three languages. While that seems pretty impressive to some people, she remains humble by explaining that she began English when she was 8 and starting Spanish when she was 11.

“I really love to travel, and I want to experience different cultures.” said Nasse.

One of Nasse’s favorite things about living in her host house are the three different cultures (American, German, and French) she has the opportunity to experience every day. The French aspect is brought by a fellow Northwest exchange student, Eliott Deloinson.

Although Deloinson is not from America, he has visited previously, and he enjoyed these visits with his family. He enjoyed the American experience so much he chose to be an exchange student here. While some students think Northwest is tough, Deloison says it is easier than other schools he has been to because the program is different and they learn here at a slower pace.

Overall, this experience has been enjoyable for all the visiting students. It will also have a lasting impact on Northwest students who are interacting and communicating with real people from a foreign culture.