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Pro-Con: Year round schooling

February 12, 2020

Pro: Year Round School is beneficial for all    While the topic of having year round schooling has been very controversial, there are many beneficial factors.     A regular schedule for...

Pro-Con: Should Trump stay or go?

February 12, 2020

Con: Remove Trump because his spending, lies, & temper are crippling America With the 2020 election approaching, the controversies surrounding current President Donald Trump is more evident than...

Panda Express embraces workers from Indonesia and China

Panda Express embraces workers from Indonesia and China

Jensen Mortimer, Journalist February 12, 2020

With roughly 19.5 percent of the world speaking English, individuals who move to America, get quite a bit of culture shock. At the food chain Panda Express, located in Jackson, MI, there are employees...

A follow up on Klavons closing

A follow up on Klavon’s closing

Henly Sleight, Sports Editor February 12, 2020

   Since it’s closing, Klavons Pizzeria and Pub has not commented on their decision to shut down their Rives Junction location and will not answer any new questions as to why. The Jackson community...

Graphic illustrates the rising gun violence in the area

Gun violence rises in the Jackson area

Hannah Smith, Journalist February 11, 2020

Gun violence is something that is not talked about nearly enough in Jackson. Since 2016, 101 people have been victims of gun violence in Jackson, 13 of which died, which was stated in the article, “A...

Student reveals belly piercings

Expressing myself through body modifications

Ariana Koker, Feature Editor February 11, 2020

Expression can range from individual to individual, and someone's personal style can be shown by their hair color, hobbies, and voice. With myself, I like to show others who I am through my piercings. As...

Living on pins and needles with shingles proves shocking for young writer

Living on ‘pins and needles’ with shingles proves shocking for young writer

Hannah Smith, Journalist February 10, 2020

Imagine millions of pins and needles stabbing your nerves all at once, or your arm constantly being on fire. The nerve pain for me while dealing with shingles feels just like that and is excruciating at...

My first day with incurable diabetes

My first day with ‘incurable’ diabetes

Des Cutter, Journalist February 10, 2020

I woke up some time in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. Gasping for breath, I shake my head yes to my mom, who had just asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Little did I know that if I...

Freshman earns spot on Varsity

Freshman earns spot on Varsity

Maci Swartz, Journalist February 10, 2020

The relationships Adam Haselius has made this season and the amount of growth he has experienced have made this season a great one, and he is very excited and ready for his future high school wrestling...

Student battles food disorder to live normal life

Student battles food disorder to live normal life

Kate Beebe, Journalist February 10, 2020

Freshmen Avary Senft has a food disorder called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, otherwise known as EE. EE is a chronic disease of the esophagus where white blood cells build up in your esophagus and cause inflammation,...

Fans hope Star Wars series stays alive

Fans hope Star Wars series stays alive

Maddy Draffen, Journalist February 10, 2020

   Star Wars has been capturing the imaginations of fans young and old for four decades and counting. With The Rise of Skywalker, the final installment of the Skywalker saga, being released in December...

Its not cool to Juul

It’s not cool to Juul

Hannah Smith, Journalist February 10, 2020

Vaping is a habit that many people have become attracted to over the years, and it appeals particularly to adolescents. Although e-cigarettes are illegal due to their harmful effects, teenagers are continuing...

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