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‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ springs into action

'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' springs into action

Morgan Huver, Feature Editor

March 14, 2016

For the annual spring musical, Northwest is presenting “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, a biblical tale of a man’s journey through hardships. With his emotional roller coaster, Joseph pushes through obstacles and pays his dues. Tickets can be purchased by filling out an order...

Snowfest photo gallery

Snowfest photo gallery

Katie Arntz, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

March 1, 2016

      All photos courtesy of the Yearbook Staff...

Patti the pig steals spotlight at Snowfest assembly

Mike Layher, Assistant Web Editor-in-Chief

February 19, 2016

At the annual Snowfest Games Assembly on Thursday, Feb 18, students and staff competed against each other for bragging rights, Varsity cheer performed a couple routines, and the Dance Team had their debut performance. Games included Find the Peppermint, Candy Horse, and Tug of War. In the midst of...

Choir gains more attention through competitions

Sydney Boulter, Web Journalist

February 12, 2016

This year the advanced choral ensemble Vocal Dimension has begun presenting themselves in and around communities in Michigan. They have advertised themselves in several ways to the community. One of the things they have decided to do is a YouTube video competition against other groups. The YouTube...

Lighting up the darkness in life

Lighting up the darkness in life

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

January 28, 2016

The idea of hope is something that pushes people through even the hardest of times. Being hopeful for others can also give them the strength to push through anything in life. This is what Vincent Van Gogh was trying to depict through his painting, Starry Night. Van Gogh was showing that even in a...

Like that of an iceberg

Cast ends production.

Rachael Kaiser, Journalist

December 11, 2015

People tend to not see what is actually going on a person’s life, much like that of an iceberg. The majority of the ice is underneath the surface where no one can easily see it. This is the premise of Icebergs, this year’s fall play performed by the Drama Club.    Icebergs tells the story of a gr...

Simulation mobile games recommended for students

Gabe Riley, Entertainment Editor

November 20, 2015

No matter the place of time mobile apps are a great way to entertain yourself with games. This is what happens when a player participates in the creation of a 'plague' in the award winning mobile app “Plague Inc.”. Bringing death upon the people of the world by poisoning the masses merely to entertain...

Fall choir concert photo gallery

Fall choir concert photo gallery

Myranda Dillay, Photographer

November 19, 2015

Family Fun Extravaganza Photo Gallery

Family Fun Extravaganza Photo Gallery

Myranda Dillay, Photographer

November 17, 2015


Haunted houses carry seasonal tradition among students

Haunted houses carry seasonal tradition among students

Hadley Callebs, Journalist

October 26, 2015

Haunted Houses have been an October tradition for decades. In most well made Haunted Houses, there is a rush of excitement, fear, and curiosity, but they affect people in different ways based on the individual’s limits. Haunted Houses are so popular because they tend to attract people who have a...

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