The Fighting Fish: high school relationships

Sydney Rhines and Myranda Dillay, Editor-in-chief, Photographer

High school ‘love’ hurts students

Sydney Rhines, Editor-in-chief

During high school, it may seem like a boyfriend or girlfriend is the most important thing in the world. Having a relationship can give insight to what your future may look like. But are high school relationships actually worth it?
The majority of the time, high school relationships do not last. Giving yourself the additional heartbreak is ludicrous. While studying, the stress alone is enough to give some people mental breakdowns.
I dated a boy for 3 years, and I thought I was going to marry him. It didn’t work out and I was crushed. He became my world, and when we broke up my world was gone. I was too upset to focus on anything other than myself, and ultimately my grades suffered the consequence.
While in a relationship, someone has to sacrifice something in order to make their significant other happy. If you are single, you have the luxury of doing what you would like, within range of your parent’s permission.
Ultimately, being in a relationship throughout high school can be great. Being alone, however, can help you flourish as a person and will help you discover yourself.


Young relationships help give experience

Myranda Dillay, Photographer

Relationships are a small part of high school, but they are also a small part that everyone should experience.
Dating is a time to test out your likes and dislikes about a person and to learn what you want in a significant other.
Going into adulthood having no dating experience can be scary, very easily done, but a terrifying experience.
You would be going into dating not knowing anything to look for in a person, and you’re clueless as to what you like or dislike about others.
High school is the time to find out that you really hate guys that are self centered and think of themselves before the relationship.
Being able to point out those red flags for the self centered guys is next to impossible if you never dated before.
Adulthood is the time to search and set out to get the things you know you want in life, even if it is the things you know you want in a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Relationships in high school are very important to teach yourself what you like and dislike in those you’re interested in.