Passion for cheerleading creates life time impact

Morgan Huver, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to cheering, senior Ceairra Barron is the first to know what to do. Barron has been cheering since the young age of four, and has continued throughout her high school career.

One of Barron’s many inspirations would have to be her mother Melissa and her sister Keairra Coleman.

“My mom got me into cheer & gymnastics because my sister did it too,” said Barron.  “So we both did cheer and gymnastics together, until it was just cheer.”

While cheering in middle school, Barron grew a love for the sport and continued on to cheer competitively throughout high school.

“My coaches have impacted me greatly throughout my cheer experience,” said Barron.  “I’ve always connected with all of my coaches and each one of them means the world to me. They have helped me become a better and stronger cheerleader and have really made me love cheer.”

Throughout high school, Barron has been on the sideline cheer team since freshman year. Having used sideline as a form of preparation, Barron continues with the competitive season.

“Cheering with my team is what I look forward to in [every] day, I literally wake up and get through my day just so I can go to practice and spend time with them,” said Barron. “Those girls mean the world to me and I am so grateful for them being there and being my second family.”

As the season for college applications came and gone, Barron’s time on the Varsity team is something that she will cherish throughout the rest of high school and on into college.

“I am going to miss my team, the early Saturday mornings with the girls, and spending time in the locker room dancing before we get on the mat or messing with other teams because we are usually the weirdest team at competitions.”

Through her competitive cheer career, Barron has won many awards both with her team and for herself.

“My favorite part of competitive is going out on the mat and having your adrenaline pumping like never before. Really, just giving your all with your team is always one of the best feelings,” said Barron.

With her time on cheerleading, Barron has had many coaches. One in particular has made a lifelong impact. This of which is Melissa Coito, Barron’s coach of three years.

“[Coach Melissa] has always believed in me when no one else did. Maybe a little more than she should of, because I would completely not have a skill and she would still tell me to throw it,” said Barron.

With her senior year coming to an end, Barron plans to attend Jackson College for two years and then transfer to a university to major in Criminal Justice, although she has not decided what school yet. She intends on trying out for that school’s cheer team after the transfer. Barron looks forward to meeting new people after entering college.