Staying healthy throughout winter: Eating well and exercising

Sydney Bowler , Editor-in-Chief

Everyone strives to look and feel healthy, but for many it is a struggle to find the motivation to take action. Today’s standards for what a person should look like are harder to meet than ever, making it feel impossible to fulfill the expectations. What many people fail to understand is that you do not have to make any major changes in your lifestyle to be considered healthy.

The healthiest people tend to be the ones who are most active, and according to, the definition of active is “producing or involving action or movement.” This says nothing about hard, physical labor; it is simply the act of moving around for a short period of time.

In the opinion of Pediatric Assistant-Certified (PAC) Dr. Denise Provencher, activity is the biggest key to staying healthy. In the winter, people can do things as simple as bouncing on an exercise ball to stay active, because bodies are meant to move and function best when they do so.


Another way to stay active is to purchase an app on a cell phone, to track movement throughout the day. Setting a goal each day will help to do more, especially when they have a constant reminder right at their fingertips.

“A good way to stay healthy is to get an inexpensive pedometer, such as a Fitbit, and track how much you move,” said Provencher. “Simple things such as

walking around your house can help keep you active and keep your body moving.”

At the other end of the spectrum, a person must also have a well balanced diet to stay healthy. According to, by following the food pyramid and eating a wide variety of meals, a person will obtain the required amounts of energy and vitamins for good health.

A key point of following the food pyramid is consuming everything in moderation. Too much of anything, including fruits and vegetables, can

be harmful to the body if eaten in large quantities.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a person must manage stress and mental health issues as well. Stress is commonly seen and has the potential to lead to

depression and anxiety. This has proven to affect overall health and bring immunity down significantly.

Dr. Provencher says that talking to a therapist or trusted person can help alleviate this stress, and she has also found one drugstore product that can help, called Rescue Remedy.


“Rescue remedy is an herbal remedy that can be used as needed for panic attacks,” said Provencher. “It can be bought at many common drug stores, such as a drug store down town.”

Even though this may be a lot to handle, making sure a person stays healthy in all ways is crucial. Doing so will improve a person›s health and quality of life in which they choose to live.