Contagion class dissects cow heart, lungs, and tongue


Adam Staudinger

Senior Dalton Shew examines the up close details of a cow heart.

   On Mar. 1 the Contagion A course had the chance to dissect a cow heart, lungs, and tongue. Northwest Meat Market had supplied Contagion teacher Mrs. Rhonda Drumm with all of the fresh cow parts at a discounted rate to allow her student the learning opportunity.

  “I think the opportunity is pretty cool since we get to learn hands on, and I really enjoyed doing the dissection,” said senior Jenna Maske.

  Drumm dissected a small portion first. She then allowed the students to do other dissections of their own on each of the parts to advance the learning opportunity.

  “Getting the chance to feel the tongue is really cool because it’s softer than expected,” said senior Griffin Stern. “You have to touch it to understand.”

   With doing the dissection in Contagion, it gives students considering a career in the medical field a chance to make sure that this is something they are interested in.