Freshman starts YouTube channel


Jaynie Sorenson

Freshmen Steven Cooper

Makayla Thrush, Journalist

Most teenage boys’ dream would be to get paid for playing video games; this dream has become a reality for freshman Steven Cooper. He has his own YouTube channel; he started his channel in late August.

“My friend started a channel and he did pretty well, so I thought I could give it a try,” said Cooper.

However he did not succeed on his first try, his first channel was mypieandi56.

“My first channel did ok, except it didn’t look very good. So I decided to start a new one mypieandi22.”

Cooper’s new channel has done very well; he now has three paid sponsorships for it. One of which was for content and the number of subscribers to his channel, the second one was for quality of his videos, and the last one was given to him by YouTube for having two other sponsors.

He came up with his name mypieandi22 while he and his friend were brainstorming ideas for names for his channel.

“We came up with a lot of names but mypieandi just kind of stuck with me,” said Cooper “22 is my favorite number.”

Cooper’s channel includes; Minecraft game plays, Happy Wheels, and later on there will be Team Fortress 2.

“Videogames are just fun, they calm me,” said Cooper.

Cooper plans to continue his YouTube channel. In the near future he will collaborate on some videos with other YouTube channels.