Preparation for Halloween


Kara Brown

A Jack-o-Lantern carved by Kara Brown

Kelsey Thomas , Web Journalist

Months before, people begin to plan out their costumes for Halloween. It takes time to collect all the materials for specific idea.

For sophomore Sydney Jones, the day after Halloween is when she plans her costume for next year. Every year Jones makes sure she loves the costume before she plans the design. Jones has decided on becoming a Candy Skull for the night.

“Plan everything out. Commit to who you are going to be and get everything in advanced,” said Jones. “You do not want to choose a costume the day before and look trashy.”

Some costumes are made from pieces bought from stores, but some people have the creative ability to design and make their own costumes.

“This year I am thinking about making my own costume,” sophomore Breanna Adams. “I have bits and pieces of dresses and Halloween makeup including a zipper to make my face look like it was zipped open. I just like to throw things together to create a costume.”

Adams has always been able to come up with homemade costumes. She creates step by step plans to master her creation.

“Always put your costume on first. Then you can put your makeup on to see what needs to be covered up and what does not,” said Adams.

It does not only matter how you put your costume together, but also to plan for the weather and accidents that may happen during the night.

“Make sure your costume consists of something warm because it is usually cold out. Always have something underneath if you are going to wear a dress,” said Adams. “Just in case something happens, like if you fall and rip it.”

Whether you buy or create your costume, it is always good to prepare in advanced. Always be ready for the worst case scenario when it comes to going out on Halloween.