Plan to improve school spirit proves successful

Revived Superfan club sparks student collaboration


Photo by: Abby Warner

Jacob Swartz participating in a student-lead cheer during Cancer Awareness football game.

Emma Flynn, Editor

   From silence to cheers, our school’s school spirit has been a concerning issue these past couple of years. With the return of Superfans, the intent is to increase involvement at school events. 

   Superfans used to be a cosmic club in the early 2000s. Due to the Coronavirus, and the inability to attend sporting events, the club took a pause. However with new advisors, Marnie Hade and Vincent Zahm, Superfans have been brought back.

   “I was asked to help out and it seemed like a good fit for me,” said Zahm. “I want students to have the best high school experience they possibly can.” 

   Superfans’ main objective is to improve student collaboration, but most importantly, to get students to cheer on their peers on their special occasions. 

   Senior Layne Sleight is the Student Section Leader, and Social Media Manager, makes posters, and checks people in at these school events. Being her first year in Superfans, she believes that there have been immense changes in the school’s positivity. 

   There are dress-up themes for every home game, prizes for attending events, as well as cheers and activities the Student Section Leaders lead. As a result of applying these creative ideas, a highly supportive nature has been born.

   “Watching the number of students come to each home game is an incredible feeling,” said Sleight. “I wanted to create an atmosphere that involved more and more students. Seeing it happen is super exciting.” 

   The students who participate in Superfans are what keep the club going. Each member of the group possesses a role of their own. Some students even go as far as reaching out to different businesses for possible collaborations. 

   In the upcoming years, advisors, Hade and Zahm, want to continue growing. With plans of expanding the Superfans council, the only way this will be attainable is if the students put forward their time. 

   “What happens with the future of the Superfans program is totally dependent on how invested students want to be,” said Hade. “If students choose to engage and lead the program, I think it will grow and be amazing, but it requires student commitment.”

   The amount of energy surrounding the return of Superfans is fueling the club for future success. Now that the club has been active for some time now, the students are beginning to take ownership of the program. Enhancing the school atmosphere through student involvement has taken a positive toll on the students, and the school itself.